Why We Love The Shawangunks

Robi Josephson and Ted Reiss – Members since 1990:

“Ancient bedrock, white cliffs, sky lakes. Huckleberries, mountain laurels, hemlocks.  Chipmunks, deer, bears.  Hermit thrushes, peregrine falcons, bald eagles.  Vistas extend to the horizon.  Protected lands stretching thousands of acres.  It’s a mountain range that has called to people for thousands of years and calls to us every day.  It is home.”

Barbara Petersen and Roger Roloff – Members since 1991:

“The Shawangunks bring us back to old essential Earth:  ageless glories and trials of all seasons, life-and-death struggles of predator and prey, and life-sustaining cooperation of plants and pollinators.”

Susan Staples and Mac White – Members since 1989:

“We love the varied enchantments of the Gunks: the dark earthy forest of the northern ridge, the white cliffs and escarpments, and the remote landscape of the pine barrens. Escarpments can be traversed on rugged footpaths or gentle carriage roads or even climbed. In the pine barrens, the old cairn paths of blueberry pickers can be followed or you can lose yourself among the small trees scattered over vast expanses of rocky space.”

 Roman Sadowy – Member since 1997:

“I was born and raised in New York City, where I also raised my family.  Becoming acquainted with the Shawangunks and acquiring a second home there has provided my life with exceptional purpose.”

 Judy Menges – Member:

“I am a city kid who landed in Ulster County 50 years ago. When I eventually discovered Friends of the Shawangunks, I joined. What I find especially valuable is that FOS doesn’t just advocate for wilderness, they protect and preserve it, like a small scale Nature Conservancy.”