Gardiner Development Issues.

FOS has been hard at work in the Town of Gardiner! As development and encroachment on the Ridge has increased dramatically over the last few years, FOS has partnered with the Town of Gardiner Environmental Conservation Commission to hold in check the Gardiner Town Board and Planning Board to be sure they are enforcing the town codes regarding SP2 and SP3 development restrictions. These and other issues regarding what is going on in Gardiner are addressed  in articles that appears in the current issue of our newsletter,  Fall/Winter, 2022 SW_Fall-Winter22_FINAL-copy.pdf and in Spring 2022 SW_Spring22_FINAL1-copy.pdf and in Fall, 2021 SW_Fall-Winter21_354.pdf  

Dragon Springs

FOS partnered with the Deerpark Rural Alliance in the Southern Shawangunks as the DRA battled with the Deerpark Planning Board regarding the growing development known as Dragon Springs. FOS participated in a number of ways in combatting what is clearly a severe environmental threat to the Shawangunk Ridge. This issue is discussed in depth in our newsletter, The Shawangunk Watch –  August, 2017,  Summer,2018, Spring and Summer issues, 2019. The Shawangunk Watch is archived on this website. Shawangunk-Watch-August-2017.pdf  Shawangunk_Watch_Summer_2018_compressed.pdf Shawangunk-Watch-Spring-2019.pdf Shawangunk_Watch_Summer_2019.pdf

Restoration of Carriage Roads

Recently, FOS provided funds to the Pew Charitable to support the campaign to restore the badly damaged Hamilton Point Carriage Road in Minnewaska State Park Preserve