On Sunday, May 22 FOS members gathered to celebrate the purchase of the Shawangunk Conglomerate parcel and its conveyance to the Mohonk Preserve (see accompanying article on the parcel purchase). FOS wanted to say “Thanks” to our members who helped make it happen.

Mohonk Preserve provided the Slingerland Pavilion at Spring Farm for the location.

It was a little early in the day for libation, so we did it with coffee, bagels and other treats.

Our guest speakers included David Clark, representing the Conglomerate group, the sellers of the parcel, Julia Solomon, Director of Conservation Programs, and Ed Pestone, Land Protection and GIS Manager, both of the Mohonk Preserve. Julia an Ed spoke about the importance of the land purchase, as well as the tremendous value of land protection in general ON THE Shawangunk Ridge.

Last but certainly not least was Bob Anderberg, Vice President and General Counsel of the Open Space Institute. Bob spoke passionately not only about Shawangunk land preservation, but also about all the recent accomplishments by OSI in protecting huge tracts on and around the Shawangunk Ridge as well as other important efforts like the rail trails surrounding the ridge and beyond.

Afterward, a hike was led around the Spring Farm trailheads by FOS member and Naturalist Michael Rider. Mike took us on a tour pointing out the wildflowers currently in bloom along the trails at the Mohonk Preserve.

Overall, it was a stimulating and fun day!

Once again, our thanks go out to the FOS membership for helping to make this land purchase possible!






On Sunday, June 13, Friends had its annual member meeting. This year it took place at the Slingerland Pavilion at the Mohonk Preserve. The main topic was the acquisition of the 70 acre parcel known as The Shawangunk Conglomerate located adjacent to the northern portion of the Preserve.
Afterwards we hiked down into the parcel, giving our members a first hand look at the spectacular boulders and other beautiful features of this magnificent tract.
FOS Members will get a full recap of the meeting/fundraiser and hike in the current (summer) issue of the Shawangunk Watch coming soon to their mailbox. 
If you are not already a member of Friends of the Shawangunks, click Donate, and join! 
BTW, we are still fundraising for the purchase of this parcel!  Please help make this land ‘purchase possible.
In the meanwhile, here are some pictures of the fun day we had on our Shawangunk ridge!
(Photos by Renee Zernitsky, Ted Sendler and John Hayes)
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FOS Group Photo - Conglomerate Hike
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