• Natural Wonder

    Lost City

    Protecting the land.

  • Sublime Beauty

    Lake Minnewaska

    Protecting the water.

  • Earth and Sky

    Rock Cliffs

    Protecting open space.

Our Mission
Friends of the Shawangunks, along with our land trust, The Shawangunk Conservancy, is dedicated to protecting the Shawangunk Mountains of New York from adverse environmental impacts.


Members, thank you for joining us at our recent Annual Members Meeting and our short hike to the Brooks parcel, our sister organization's (The Shawangunk Conservancy) latest land acquisition.  Stay tuned as TSC ramps up for another land acq...
TSC acquired the Brooks parcel, thereby extending protection of the Rockhill area. This scenic and undeveloped seven acre parcel will be known as The Brooks Parcel after William A. Brooks, Frances Brooks and Judith Ann Charles, who sold the parc...

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You can join Friends of the Shawangunks or renew your membership for as little as $25 annually just by clicking the Donate button above or by sending a check to: Friends of the Shawangunks P.O. Box 270 Accord, NY 12404. Members receive our newsletter, Shawangunk Watch, and are invited to our annual Members Day hike. When we receive your donation of $25 or more via PayPal, we assume it’s for FOS membership. However, if you have any special instructions, just let us know. For example, you may want all or part of your gift “directed to The Shawangunk Conservancy” (TSC is our land trust) or we may have a named campaign in progress. Whatever it is, contact us at FOSandTSC@gmail.com.